Water Softener System Options

Magic Water Softener System Options

There are so many water softener system options on the market it can seem overwhelming. Our water softener options come in different sizes with different features. Check out the water softener options below and let our trained staff help you choose your next water softener.

Kinetico Premier Series

Meet the Kinetico Premier Series. Kinetico has taken their best water softener and made it even better. These water softeners are more efficient and can accommodate larger plumbing. Premier Mach Series softeners are non-electric using the power of moving water making operation simple and reliable. There’s no need for computers or timers. It regenerates on demand by metering the water used giving you soft water whenever you need it, without wasting water or salt. Due to the twin tank design, one tank is always in service, even during regeneration, which means you have an unlimited supply of soft water whenever you need it. Countercurrent regeneration and twin tank design also mean less salt and water used compared to other systems leaving more money in your pocket and less impact on our environment.

The Premier Mach Series has a 10 year limited warranty so you can enjoy years of dependability and peace of mind knowing you made a wise investment in your home. Want to find out which Kinetico Premier Mach Series softener is right for your home? Contact us today to schedule your free in home water analysis and your no cost, no obligation quote.

Powerline Series by Kinetico

The Powerline Series is for those who prefer a more traditional method of softening water. These systems require a bit more attention from you, but they get the job done. Powerline softeners are tough on hard water and easy on your budget. They’re ideal for people with more predictable water use.

Powerline Warranty

Powerline Owners Manual

Used Softeners

Want a Kinetico twin tank water softener but a new system just isn’t in the budget? Then a used Kinetico softener may be just the option for you. These systems were out as rental units or trade-ins. Our trained technicians go through the entire system updating any parts that need replacing and depending on the age of the system, the resin is also replaced. These softeners are run through and tested to make sure they are working like new. These softeners come with a one year parts and labor warranty and vary in age and price.

Our used systems are very popular for use in shops, lake cabins, and rental properties. We’ve even installed used units in barns and guest houses! Think a used Kinetico water softener might be for you? Contact us today to learn more.