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Nature’s Best Premium Bottled Water

In a perfect world, there would be no bottled water. Everyone would have access to safe, high-quality drinking water. Sadly, if you turn on the news or read your online news feed you know this just isn’t the case. It seems like the most logical solution to this problem would be in-home treatment and we agree. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where in-home water treatment isn’t an option. In those circumstances bottled water often times is the best option. At Magic Water, we believe our customers should be able to conveniently get great tasting, high-quality drinking water at an affordable price which is why we proudly offer Nature’s Best Premium Drinking Water.

Our Process

Nature’s Best Premium Drinking Water is made by a multi-stage process from a regulated municipal source that we improve through the following steps.

Carbon Filtration – residual chlorine, taste, and odor that may be in the water are adsorbed by carbon

Softening – scale causing calcium and magnesium are removed through ion exchange

Pre-Filtration – suspended solids larger than 5 microns are removed

Reverse Osmosis – suspended solids, dissolved organic and inorganic matter are removed as well as any metals that may be present

Polishing-Filtration –  a carbon polishing filter is used to make the water in every single bottle taste great

Ultraviolet Sanitation – ultraviolet light sterilizes the water

Ozonation –  ozone is added to the water to sanitize not only the water but the bottle as well while quickly breaking down leaving no residual

Magic Water wants you to be confident you are giving your family the very best drinking water. Here are some of the things that we do to build that confidence. A certified lab tests Nature’s Best Premium Drinking Water weekly for bacteria. A trained staff member tests the water to ensure continuous quality control. Most noteworthy is the annual testing of Nature’s Best for over one hundred and fifty different analytes by an accredited lab. Analytes tested for include organics, inorganics, metals, physical factors, microbiologicals, and radiologicals.

Bottle Options

Magic Water offers Nature’s Best Premium Drinking Water in 3 gallon and 5 gallon reusable bottles. Choose the option that works best for you!

Home or Business Delivery – If you live or work in our delivery service area, have Nature’s Best Premium Drinking Water delivered right to your home or office. Contact us and our staff will set up a delivery schedule that meets your water needs.

Exchange – Exchange an empty Nature’s Best bottle, in good condition, for a full bottle at any of our three convenient locations for a small fee.

Self-service – Fill your own containers at any of Magic Water’s three convenient locations. Customers can fill water bottles from our indoor vendors during regular business hours and you can fill outside 24 hours a day. (See the “Vended Water” tab for more information) Need a bottle? No problem, Magic Water offers a wide selection of sizes and shapes of reusable bottles in all three of our locations.  Check out all the options below…

Custom Labels

Seems like private label bottled water would make a great wedding or anniversary favor. Maybe you’re looking for another great promotional item for your business or perhaps you need a fundraiser idea for your non-profit. Magic Water’s private label bottled water will fit the bill for all of these events and more!

Magic Water offers great tasting water in 500 ml bottles with your own message or logo. First customers work with one of our label company partners to create a unique label. The label company ships the labels to Magic Water and we apply them to the bottles. You can pick up your order at our facility in Redwood Falls or have it shipped.

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Vended Water

Get great tasting, high-quality drinking water day or night at any one of our three convenient locations for only 25 cents a gallon! Vended water is available from our indoor vendors while Magic Water is open during regular business hours and available 24 hours a day at any of our outdoor vendors. You can use nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar bills in our outside vendors.

Magic Water has a great selection of water crocks. Crocks can hold approximately two gallons of water and used with 2, 3 or 5 gallon bottles. An assortment of mini crocks, water crock stands, bottled water storage shelves, drip trays, and lids are available at all three Magic Water locations. Check out our photo gallery below to see what Magic Water has to offer!